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Missing: Teresa Lynn Butler

If You've Spot Teresa Lynn Butler, Contact Us Immediately

Teresa Lynn Butler has been missing since she vanished on January 25, 2006. She is terribly missed by her family and friends. Teresa was a strong believer and would appreciate your prayers.
There is a $5,000 reward offered by the Carole Sund Carrington Foundation for Teresa's safe return. If you have seen her, call the New Madrid County Sheriff, Terry Stevens, at 573-748-2516; or the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 573-840-9500.

Learn More About Teresa Lynn Butler

  • Caucasian female
  • Age 35
  • 5’7’’ and 110 pounds
  • She is a very thin woman with a full round face
  • Dark brown or black hair and brown eyes
  • Pierced ears
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